Hard Case, the Jimmy Case autobiography. Seeks pledge.

From Shoot! Annual 1984:


I’ve received an email from Adam Mills, from Unbound about Hard Case, the as yet unpublished autobiography of Jimmy Case.

Case, of course, has legendary status at the Albion, with his goalscoring exploits in the FA Cup run of 1983 particularly fondly remembered.

The tough-tackling, sharpshooting midfielder played 184 games for Brighton over two spells in 1981-85 and 1993-96, as well as managing the club, so hopefully there is significant coverage of those times, to go with his cup-filled days at Anfield.

Adam says the book is “written with the same no-nonsense, crunching honesty that Jimmy applied to the beautiful game, this book tells the story of Jimmy’s life on the pitch, in the changing room and propping up quite a few bars across Europe during one of the most trophy-laden careers of any English footballer.”

“Jimmy is brutally honest in his assessment of some of the players he played with and faced on the pitch, but it’s the candid humour and stories about both them and himself that make this autobiography such a hilarious and nostalgic read.”

Unbound describes itself as a “crowd-funding publisher, meaning that books only get made when readers pledge their support. The book is written, designed, edited and printed and everyone who’s supported the book has their name in the back. It’s then sent to everyone who pledged and it goes into the bookshops and on Amazon.”

I’ve stuck £20 on. I would be delighted for it to see light of day. If you do too, feel free to make a pledge too.

So far, the book has reached 21% of the funds it requires. If you wish to pledge towards the publication of the book, please visit http://unbound.co.uk/books/hard-case


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